Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Power of Words Illustrated

Researcher Masaru Emoto has made thousands of images that show the effect words can have on droplets of water. When he freezes them, they might form into perfect crystals resembling beautiful snowflakes.

Sometimes the crystalline shapes are multifaceted and complex but incomplete, broken or deformed. Water can also freeze into brown and grey sludge-like shapes that don’t look like crystals at all. They look more like a mold or virus.

Before freezing the water, Emoto tapes a word or phrase to the side of each container. The words love, happiness, harmony, truth, appreciation and partnership and phrases like you can do it produce perfectly beautiful and quite elaborate crystal shapes. The words hate, sadness, stupid, war, lie, enemy and rage formed into shapes that looked broken, blurry and even putrid. And so did do it. In its meaning, energy and essence this disharmonizing phrase is no different than the word we use to describe the directives we give to the dogs in our lives. It is a command. Isn't it odd that we have chosen this word? Why don't we say that we "ask" or "suggest" a posture, a behavior or an activity? Actually, this word has a long history of use and in The Conceptual Dog, I reveal its origins, how it operates on us and what it can actually lead us to think, believe and do without our even noticing.

When we consider that water constitutes seventy percent of our living body and that water is the messenger medium through which our trillions of cells simultaneously communicate with each other, it is easy to see how our entire being is impacted by the energy and meaning of words we speak, hear and see.

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