Friday, January 9, 2009

A Dog Language Renaissance

The word "dog" elicits thoughts of innocence, nurture, protection, happiness and love. But don't the words we use to describe the dog and our human-dog relationship conflict with these understandings? We "own" the dog. We call the dog an "it." We "get" one, "have" one, even "buy" one, just as we buy "things" for our pleasure and for our home.

We need a shift in consciousness - A Dog-Language Renaissance. When we look into the eyes of the dog, we can see a conscious being looking back. When we consider the inner reality of our union, it is unlikely to be that of an "owner" and a "thing" possessed. Words, like thoughts, powerfully create our reality. Through them we unconsciously regard the dog as chattel and we are lead to acts of suppression and control.

We can learn to willfully align our words with our truest feelings and with the authentic nature of the canine being. Let's replace the lexicon of ownership with that of partnership and watch our relationships evolve into a rebirth of empathetic connection and cooperation.

I am proud to say that I am a dog-partnered human. The dog at my side is a "he" not an "it." I don't "have" him, I share my life with him and in that sharing, we are both blessing beyond measure.

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