Monday, January 4, 2010

In the Matter of the Dog...

As universal truths about the connectedness of life emerge into the mind, there is a growing awareness that many things aren't really as we thought or believed them to be. Venerable old systems and conventions are crumbling right before our eyes, exposing the deceptions that had propped them up all along. It can be frightening to face the truth of a thing but it's also liberating. It is empowering.

An estimated ten million dogs are put to death in the United States shelter system every year. They are "extras," no longer stylish, needed or wanted. They have health problems. They don't behave as we'd like them to. And so we kill them. Many people believe that we must; there are too many. Is this really the truth or is it a convenient fallacy that allows us to sell out or look away? Many focus blame and enmity upon the "other" – the abandoner, the breeder, the retailer of puppies. But this doesn't help, does it? In fact, our toxic thoughts hurt us more than we know. And, they hold the old system firmly in place, ensuring that in this new year, full of hope and possibility, we will kill another ten million dogs. Maybe more.

In the matter of the dog, things are not as they seem. Deceptions are propping up old systems and conventions. The Conceptual Dog will invite us to face them head on. It will create transparency and exchange distortions, misinformation and lack of responsibility for vision, will and purpose. We emerge expanded and transformed, powerfully able to create the reality that our hearts wish for the dog – every dog. The time to lift ourselves out of our foggy inertia is now. Make the hero's journey. Rediscover the truth of our connection to the dog, to each other and to the living whole. The Conceptual Dog...coming soon.